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episode #8 ft. AMI DANG + REGAL DEGAL

an excerpt:








photo: Karsten Moran

thanks NYT!



Earlier this year, our good Costa Rican friend Jorge recruited us to record a track for a digi-comp with one exciting twist: the proceeds generated from sales would go to the Red Cross' Japan relief efforts. Today, the comp is out.

We decided to capitalize off of the fine Vacation Island facilities, the studio of choice for this comp's exclusive recordings, and contribute one of our slickest guys - "Excuse Me Who Am I Talking To?"

We didn't spend too much time on it because we've taken on a decidedly fast-paced/"let's not overdo it" approach in 2011, so it's a pretty streamlined yet smooth sounding production. Its lyrical content does not pertain to the Japan situation in the least nor does it intend to evoke thoughts or images of natural disasters, which is for the better in this case. We're glad we could help in some way while getting an opportunity to join the likes of APHG, KV, RSM(GMT), V, & B on this true blue compilation of various artists.

Thank you Jorge, and thanks to Matt and Rob at Vacation Island. Also, thanks to Caroline for the SF EP FB shout-out, that was very sweet.

Preview the album + do as the widget says and D/L for a fair price in the currency of your choice ($7.99 not bad at all):



here's a free download of our Speckled Fruit MAXI-EP:

this song is NOT included therein:

regal degal on Vimeo.


first-hand sensations

Above, a wonderful excerpt from Franco Falsini's 1974 solo LP "Cold Nose".

How we got to play with Franco this week is nothing short of miraculous!

That being said, apologies for not keeping this blog up to date regarding such developments e.g. performing alongside him this weekend at 319 Rutledge St. --- however, documentation exists... of rehearsals, this show, and not to mention other Regal material that could stand to see some e-love.

Do look out





ata boy, jamen

available on
Regal Degal's Speckled Fruit 12" Maxi-EP
coming soon to a webstore near you
but for sale NOW in BK/NYC at

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trance loose

the title of the video is unfortunate but says it all...

not sure how much mention poly's 1980 translucence LP is going to get as people voice their appreciation of her role in punk's primordial days, but it's a really beautiful album that stands so strongly on its own. super melodic, inventive, and sonically pleasing. her voice is outstanding!

it's not too hard to come across a copy of this record and when happened upon they are usually selling for a fair price. that is nice to know.


donkey hee-huhh??

I find that Italy's underground musical exports from 30, 40 yrs ago always have something really fun to latch onto. I believe that their traditionally romantic culture lends itself to some serious spazziness + vibrance where other countries' performers might come off as brooding or despondent; my theory might be validated in a live musical performance like this one(not crazy about the music) or even crazy Italian telemarketing, which I haven't investigated too much but have encountered "IRL".

Big up to youtube's pallidestragiRE

Cazzo bellissimo




shake shack


kudos to glanddialer, whose inclusion in the previous post led to discovering the clip above

totally toadworthy + big wave double

ˆˆˆbest part is at ~0:25!ˆˆˆ

good looks x3

p.s. putting off sleeping

apparently so is this guy



Check out this playlist at the Rvng Intl website to which I, Skipper, contributed 4 trax (click photo) -

It's special because not only do I find myself contributing less & less (previous months' list-compiling duties have been assigned to the likes of ARP, Psychic Ills, and more, which is fantastic) but before I started working there in early 2008, I would admire these playlists and wonder if I'd ever be so lucky to have such an outlet for my own musical preferences.

It also happens to be exceptionally good all around thanks to Misters Matt + KT (big up for Meat Puppets inclusion!).



Poster by the always personable and inventive Dave Singley


Tonite, 2/5, we play a memorial show for our late friend Ariel Panero; it's at Death By Audio (2nd home style) + all proceed$ go to covering the manufacturing costs of his group Tough Knuckles' Vanna White LP. One of us (Jamen/Bot/Scarecrow/...) played in the group and on the record, so aside from emotional attachment, we have personal stake in this group and the record, meaning that this show is a very multi-faceted happening in our creative lives.

It should be interesting, with Calvin LeCompte - the brains, charm, and CEO (creative embodiment, officially) of Tough Knuckles - doing a set, most likely to be accompanied by Jamen on drums and Greg Deane on bass. Greg always used to work door and get wasted doing so at the DIY shows that Ariel threw on W. 3rd St. a couple of years ago. Those were fun, welcoming times!

Show starts at 9, $8 or $15 if you want a copy of the record that comes out later this month (should anyone decide to pay $15). Strange, it's as if the record won't manifest if you choose not to have it in your life. If you say you want something you might actually get it. "Sometimes You Get What You Want". Or to quote Aviram Cohen, "Be careful what you wish for / you just may get it / But even when the getting's good / you may regret it"

And while I'm on a quoting tip, allow me to borrow from J. Sandler - "The body dies but not the spirit!"


Clean & Heavy

Lots of fregal fragments of 2010 to be rounded up and assembled in this new year, but for now here's a belated fireworks display for you! --

Also, our tape has been available for a little while now »»» get it here! «««

Oh and