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Busy times, yeah

We got gum'd

We got acute, which is amazing

We are going to get rvng soon, seriously

We've been writing more as usual:

We are playing at Death By Audio on Friday 11/5 with SILK FLOWERS + THANK YOU! Never get tired of playing there...

We are playing at Good Co. on Saturday 11/6 with Mike Bones, TV Baby, and Wild Yaks for the benefit of Mr. Glen's van.



~ Thanks to Jon Williams for capturing this performance of "Compelled", one of our many new songs, at the Cake Shop show from last week. UGC all the way ~




Playing at Cake Shop today, Thursday 10/7 with our friends BEHAVIOR to join them in celebrating the release of their new record Lands End. Also playing are Moonwalk + The Babies! Gun be fun ~



by DdC

If you were quick enough, you got the purple crescent


A Wylddddd Impulse


Made a mix this summer for personal consumption but figured it could be a nice end of summer gift:

This time the artist is labeled as "No Ego" - DON'T ASK


Les Baroques - Troubles
No Strange - ?
The Stroke Band - Don't Get Angry
Scars - All About You
Happy Mondays - Olive Oil
Go Betweens (US) - Have You For My Own
*Straightshooter - Straightshooter*
Boston Boppers - Whirlwind Girl
Brotherhood Of Lizards - April Moon
Strawberry Switchblade - Go Away
Legendary Pink Dots - Waving At The Aeroplanes
Outsiders (NL) - Zsarrah
Stranglers - Strange Little Girl (Demo)
Giorgio Moroder - That's How I See Her
Iris Underground - Acryl Baby
John Bender - Unrelated
Pretty Things - Balloon Burning
Michael Angelo - Sorcerer's Delight
Peep Show - Do Not Wait For Better Times

≠≠≠ ALSO ≠≠≠

We are playing 2 SHOWS next week:

1. 9/14 @ Glasslands w/ our good friends Greatest Hits for their 7" release!

2. 9/17 @ Union Pool w/ our good friends The Tony Castles for their EP release!

Lastly, recordings we made with Mr. Kyle Pulley in Pulleydelphia the other week are being worked on at the moment... expect some hi-qual renditions of both old (classic) and new tunes.

See you all there


3 bros, 2 shos, 1>new>recording


"Loris Night"

Sprawling, writhing, etc.


We are playing at this 'SUP MAGAZINE PARTY @ COCO 66



*both on Friday July 23rd!*

Also, stay tuned for news on our upcoming tape release on Rvng...




Diminishing senses, discrepancies

"Brolly Man"

An instrumental.


"The Digest"

A tune! (A demo.)



Mix you already

I made a mix straight to tape the other month ~

My computer was out of commission for about 3 weeks, which stifled such Regal Recreation as blogging ¬

I know, you're thinking, "Ezcuses, ezcuses." ≈

Just enjoy this for now, there's more on its way ≥

Side A

Mort Garson & The Blobs - Son Of Blob
Circle X - Beyond Standard
Pestes - No No
White Noise - Leaving Song
H.R. - Let's Have A Revolution
Crippled Pilgrims - Black & White
Cleaners From Venus - Only A Shadow
Shoes - Fatal
Karl Blake - The Waiting List
Etron Fou Leloublan - Christine/Ida Trop Tard/Rose

Side B

Rimarimba - Spafft Moutafft Seeall + California
Judy Nylon - Others
Pebbles - Mother Army
Outsiders - Don't You Worry About Me
Family Fodder - Plant Life
Mad V - A La Mode
Geza X & The Mommymen - Isotope Soap
Andy Watts & Cobra - I Don't Wanna Fight
Children's Hour - I Know Where She Lies

The artist is labeled as TIME TIME - don't ask. OK go ahead and ask.




Mad V

Just to keep this thing alive, figured it'd be nice to post a rip of a Belgian punk 7" carried out by one regal rocker for another regal rocker ~ there are probably other places that I could dump this but since it was a team effort, I figured why not here.

The 7" in question - Mad V :: "Chinatown" b/w "A La Mode"


Nice 2nd single from a group that used to be called Mad Virgins and sang about fucking and sucking; this is a breezier affair but still damn energized.



Hello & welcome to the Degaldocket,
current home to all things Regal Degal!

"Just In Case You Didn't Know", R'egal as of March 2010 is a 3-person group based in Brooklyn, NY.

It's probably best that the description stops here and the sounds take over. We are planning on recording later this month - for now, here are two products of Regal Degal:

~ "I Saw The Smoke" (Hi Altitude Fun Mix):

Recorded in mid-February by the group - this mix sounds like we're playing from within a beautiful porcelain toilet bowl. This is the result of spending a lot of time on an initial mix, then too much time listening back to it and not enjoying it enough, and then spending very little time on this more enjoyable and questionable mix.

~ "Regal Sound Collage #1":

A small exercise in armchair psychedelia, download it here.

Enjoy, be back soon