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trance loose

the title of the video is unfortunate but says it all...

not sure how much mention poly's 1980 translucence LP is going to get as people voice their appreciation of her role in punk's primordial days, but it's a really beautiful album that stands so strongly on its own. super melodic, inventive, and sonically pleasing. her voice is outstanding!

it's not too hard to come across a copy of this record and when happened upon they are usually selling for a fair price. that is nice to know.


donkey hee-huhh??

I find that Italy's underground musical exports from 30, 40 yrs ago always have something really fun to latch onto. I believe that their traditionally romantic culture lends itself to some serious spazziness + vibrance where other countries' performers might come off as brooding or despondent; my theory might be validated in a live musical performance like this one(not crazy about the music) or even crazy Italian telemarketing, which I haven't investigated too much but have encountered "IRL".

Big up to youtube's pallidestragiRE

Cazzo bellissimo




shake shack


kudos to glanddialer, whose inclusion in the previous post led to discovering the clip above

totally toadworthy + big wave double

ˆˆˆbest part is at ~0:25!ˆˆˆ

good looks x3

p.s. putting off sleeping

apparently so is this guy