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Mix you already

I made a mix straight to tape the other month ~

My computer was out of commission for about 3 weeks, which stifled such Regal Recreation as blogging ¬

I know, you're thinking, "Ezcuses, ezcuses." ≈

Just enjoy this for now, there's more on its way ≥

Side A

Mort Garson & The Blobs - Son Of Blob
Circle X - Beyond Standard
Pestes - No No
White Noise - Leaving Song
H.R. - Let's Have A Revolution
Crippled Pilgrims - Black & White
Cleaners From Venus - Only A Shadow
Shoes - Fatal
Karl Blake - The Waiting List
Etron Fou Leloublan - Christine/Ida Trop Tard/Rose

Side B

Rimarimba - Spafft Moutafft Seeall + California
Judy Nylon - Others
Pebbles - Mother Army
Outsiders - Don't You Worry About Me
Family Fodder - Plant Life
Mad V - A La Mode
Geza X & The Mommymen - Isotope Soap
Andy Watts & Cobra - I Don't Wanna Fight
Children's Hour - I Know Where She Lies

The artist is labeled as TIME TIME - don't ask. OK go ahead and ask.


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