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Tonite, 2/5, we play a memorial show for our late friend Ariel Panero; it's at Death By Audio (2nd home style) + all proceed$ go to covering the manufacturing costs of his group Tough Knuckles' Vanna White LP. One of us (Jamen/Bot/Scarecrow/...) played in the group and on the record, so aside from emotional attachment, we have personal stake in this group and the record, meaning that this show is a very multi-faceted happening in our creative lives.

It should be interesting, with Calvin LeCompte - the brains, charm, and CEO (creative embodiment, officially) of Tough Knuckles - doing a set, most likely to be accompanied by Jamen on drums and Greg Deane on bass. Greg always used to work door and get wasted doing so at the DIY shows that Ariel threw on W. 3rd St. a couple of years ago. Those were fun, welcoming times!

Show starts at 9, $8 or $15 if you want a copy of the record that comes out later this month (should anyone decide to pay $15). Strange, it's as if the record won't manifest if you choose not to have it in your life. If you say you want something you might actually get it. "Sometimes You Get What You Want". Or to quote Aviram Cohen, "Be careful what you wish for / you just may get it / But even when the getting's good / you may regret it"

And while I'm on a quoting tip, allow me to borrow from J. Sandler - "The body dies but not the spirit!"

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