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Earlier this year, our good Costa Rican friend Jorge recruited us to record a track for a digi-comp with one exciting twist: the proceeds generated from sales would go to the Red Cross' Japan relief efforts. Today, the comp is out.

We decided to capitalize off of the fine Vacation Island facilities, the studio of choice for this comp's exclusive recordings, and contribute one of our slickest guys - "Excuse Me Who Am I Talking To?"

We didn't spend too much time on it because we've taken on a decidedly fast-paced/"let's not overdo it" approach in 2011, so it's a pretty streamlined yet smooth sounding production. Its lyrical content does not pertain to the Japan situation in the least nor does it intend to evoke thoughts or images of natural disasters, which is for the better in this case. We're glad we could help in some way while getting an opportunity to join the likes of APHG, KV, RSM(GMT), V, & B on this true blue compilation of various artists.

Thank you Jorge, and thanks to Matt and Rob at Vacation Island. Also, thanks to Caroline for the SF EP FB shout-out, that was very sweet.

Preview the album + do as the widget says and D/L for a fair price in the currency of your choice ($7.99 not bad at all):

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